Thursday, June 12, 2014

Portrait Composite Wall Art

As a portrait photographer, I really hate when people buy a pile
of prints with no framing or canvas.
I pretty much know they will likely end up stuffed in a drawer.
Fine art portraiture is a huge investment and I think
it should be displayed so the family can enjoy it forever.
That's why I came up with these Custom Wall Art Composites.
I work with parents to create a composite that ties in with
a child's personality, interests and bedroom colors and design.
This child has a turtle theme in his bedroom and red, white & blue:
Mounted on a Canvas Wrap, these become
artwork on the walls...and their child just happens to be in it!
Their names can also be incorporated into the design.
I am having fun thinking up themes, photographing the kids
and adding them to the composites.
I hope these become heirloom art that
is passed down from generation to generation.
I keep my camera with me to take photos
of animals to add to composites.
To learn more about my Custom Wall Art
visit my  website.

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Ulina / Apricot Bubbles said...

I love these!! Have a nice day! Ulina

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