Thursday, June 12, 2014

Portrait Composite Wall Art

As a portrait photographer, I really hate when people buy a pile
of prints with no framing or canvas.
I pretty much know they will likely end up stuffed in a drawer.
Fine art photography is a huge investment and I think
it should be displayed so the family can enjoy it forever.
That's why I came up with these Custom Wall Art Composites.
I work with parents to create a composite that ties in with
a child's personality, interests and bedroom colors and design.
This child has a turtle theme in his bedroom and red, white & blue:
Mounted on a Canvas Wrap, these become
artwork on the walls...and their child just happens to be in it!
Their names can also be incorporated into the design.
I am having fun thinking up themes, photographing the kids
and adding them to the composites.
I hope these become heirloom art that
is passed down from generation to generation.
I keep my camera with me to take photos
of animals to add to composites.
To learn more about my Custom Wall Art
visit my  website.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Flower Babies

After our harsh winter here in Michigan,
I was giddy about photographing spring flowers.
As a portrait photographer, I photograph a ton of babies,
so I decided to plop some into the flowers!
It's so much fun...I have been running around to
some of the most gorgeous flower gardens in Michigan this spring.
This garden happens to be in my friend Kathy's front yard.
I drive over every few days because new varieties pop out daily.
My eyes were popping out over her pink peonies!
I pictured a little newborn nestled into the flower.
In late May, I did a photo shoot at Dow Gardens in Midland.
Oh, my LORD!!!!
They are famous for their hundreds of tulips!
They were at peak bloom
in every variety, color and shape!

After the shoot, I photographed the tulips.
I quickly figured out how to frame the flower
to add a baby later.
Now I have a folder packed with tulip photos
waiting for babies!
I love the soft pastels to blur like Monet paintings
for the portrait backgrounds.
In June, I visited the Detroit Zoo with my photo club.
Forget the animals, I spent most of my time in the
exquisite iris gardens which were also at peak bloom.
Gorgeous irises in colors I have never seen before!

So many fun ways to add babies to flowers!

To see more, visit my website.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Custom Father's Day Cards

I adore the photo above of my dad and me taken on a trip to Florida
right before I got married 26 years ago.
I'm so sad my dad is no longer with us,
but I always think of him and all the dads on
Father's Day!
Of course, I love to honor dads, but I HATE to
shop for greeting cards. I get frustrated standing in card
shops and not finding the perfect card.
 I hate it so much that
I no longer even buy birthday cards for adult friends and family!
So imagine my hesitance when I received
an e-mail from Shutterfly...the company that prints our
family calendar and Christmas cards every year...asking
me to try out their new custom card creation and delivery site called
You know I LOVE photographs,
and I love being I figured if
this new service could combine those two
elements AND make it easy for me...
I'll give it a try!
May and June have been extremely busy
for my family because BOTH our kids
graduated from college!
Perusing the Treat site, I immediately found
perfect cards made even MORE perfect
adding my own family photos.
I ordered up this one for my son to give to  his dad.
No way could I find this in a card shop!
Posting this card here actually made me tear up
Then I found this card,
and it is PERFECT, too!
Dang, I really think my husband cloned himself!
Our family loves good humor and when
I saw this next card, I had to drop in that funny
photo from when our daughter was a baby.
That bewildered look on her face when Daddy whooshed
her into the air!
The PERFECT card!
This photo of the kiddies just goes with this fun card:
And, if my dad were still here today...I would
send him this:

That photo makes me LOL...I get my fun humor from him.
It was heaven creating the PERFECT cards to fit
my family and I did it sitting at home!
Since I enjoyed it so much, I thought you would enjoy it, too.
The site has cards for all occasions.  They will even
send the cards...the postage is included with the order.
The prices are cheaper than many card stores, and you
can send your card via e-mail for even cheaper.
 Yep, they have an app, too.
Here's a link to their Father's Day cards.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Paint your Own Custom Cake Plates and Planters

If you have an upcoming birthday party or other celebration,
these inexpensive, painted cake plates can add a
pop of WOW to your table!
I'm a portrait photographer, so I made the cake plates to
use in photo shoots and they cost just a few dollars each!
Start at a thrift store and look for fun shapes to put
together.  The base can be a vase, candlestick holder...
Let your imagination run wild in the glassware section.
Then select plates with fluted, cutout... or any edge that pleases you.
I paid less than a dollar for some of these vases.
You will go wild thinking up cake plates!
Start by placing the base on the bottom of the plate.
Don't affix it yet....just spray paint it like this:
I used spray paint that already has primer in it and it did
a great job of adhering to the glass.
I experimented with both glossy and satin finishes.
This red one is the glossy.  I like this better.
I wanted to try this little blue cake plate for cupcakes.
I painted this with the satin.
The satin works nicely for my photography because
I don't get the glare.
But you may prefer the glossy if you're using them for actual serving.
I saw these little fruit cups and goblets at the thrift store
and thought they would make pretty cupcake holders!
After I got the bottoms painted, I left them to dry
then flipped them over and painted the tops.
I let that dry.
To stick the base to the plate, I used Silicone.
I asked for this in the paint department at Home Depot.
This is why I affix AFTER painting...
I can see exactly where to place the base.
Wipe off any excess with a paper towel.
Here are my creations using my friend Wanda's
amazing FAKE CAKES!
If you want to learn how to make fake cakes  CLICK HERE.
The red and yellow cake plates are painted with the gloss,
the others are painted with a satin finish.
These colorful, custom cake stands make a bold statement
on your table.  Spray paint them to match your theme or d├ęcor.
You can repaint them for another occasion!
Group several together for parties or celebrations.
If you use these for actual food, DO NOT place food directly
on the painted plate. 
Use a doily.  You can find doilies at the dollar store for cheap!
I use them all the time in birthday portraits.
To take this a step further, my artistic friend Wanda used
the same concept to make a wonderful planter.
This time, affix an array of bowls and glasses like this:
(Affix before you paint.)
Spray paint the entire thing with a stone finish spray paint.
Now you have a fabulous, unique custom plant stand!
You are only limited by your imagination!

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